Crafty’s Taqueria

March 3, 2016

I did manage to pop in to Crafty’s Taqueria last night by around 8.30pm  and found the place buzzing, with the last of some 300 orders being brought out.


The idea – one-off midweek evening with tasty  Mexican streetfood supper around £6 plus beers, with live DJ and the odd bit of Day of the Dead make-up on the staff – certainly seemed to have worked splendidly, though the team did acknowledge that with far more people than they anticipated turning up there was “quite a bit of learning”.

Apparently Leicester’s Mexican community ( I know! Who knew!) were out in force and seemed to enjoy themselves. All in all, this is maybe the kind of evening probably de-rigeur in the more happening parts of London, but Leicester? Well done to Chris and Andrea  for having a go and pulling it off. I look forward to seeing  their next ideas.

Then it was home to watch Match of the Day, without knowing the results of the Arsena, Tottenham and Manchester City games. Oh my. What a lovely evening.


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