Artisan Cheese Fair is back

April 6, 2016


A couple of weeks back I was judging in the British Pie Awards.  This is one of the hugely successful food-linked events inspired by Matthew O’Callaghan and his colleagues in the Melton Food Partnership that is giving that town such a reputation for promoting fine food.

At the end of this month comes another in the form of the Artisan Cheese Fair.  Melton had originally bid to host another cheese event but got knocked back – so they established their own and six years later it has grown to be the country’s largest cheese fair.



artisan-cheese-fair-577_0This year it will feature some 60 local and national makers, showcasing around 300 artisan cheeses – many of which are rarely seen outside their local area. There’s also a series of talks, demonstrations and tastings given by industry experts, as well as enjoying other local produce including  wine, cakes, cider, champagne and fof course pork pies.

So – the dates for your diary are 30 April to 1 May and it takes place at the cattle market on Scalford Rd. It’s open from 10am to 4pm and entrance is £3.

For more information visit

Oh, and don’t worry  if you’re not a cheese fan, watch out later this year for news of  both Pie Fest and ChocFest coming to Melton.





2 Responses to “Artisan Cheese Fair is back”

  1. Will you be judging at the cheese fair? That’d be a great job..


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