I love restaurants. I love good food and drink. I was hoping someone would start blogging about restaurants in the Leicestershire region. Eventually the penny dropped that I should do it myself. For five years until August 2009 I was a restaurant critic for Metro newspaper in the East Midlands until in their wisdom the paper’s owners decided to end its regional editions. I’ve also been a judge in restaurant awards for Leicestershire and Rutland and for Nottinghamshire. That’s my experience but this blog can’t just be about me. There will be many people out there with more experience and no doubt finer palates whose views I want to hear. Finances  restrict my dining out, but this won’t be just a restaurant blog, it will cover all things food related in the area. Please do comment, I want to hear from anyone with a passion for food and for restaurants. Please also bear in mind I’m totally new to this technology so there will be a slow start while I learn on the job.

Oh and the nickname refers to where I live, but feel free to call me Tim.

In October 2012 the Leicester Mercury kindly named me of their Leicestershire Food heroes and called this blog “a savvy guide to where to eat and drink in the county”.

In September 2014 the Mercury asked me to contribute a weekly restaurant review column. I’m currently posting links to these articles as when they appear online. The print versions  are carried in the More Magazine supplement with the Saturday edition of the paper.



9 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. Christina Chung said

    Dear Tim,

    I am contacting you with regards to ITV’s national cookery programme, Britain’s Best Dish – a cookery competition celebrating the good home cook/ passionate foodie and above all local produce.

    I’m currently working on the 4th series and we’re gearing up for our auditions of which I am trying to generate interest in and our around the Midlands to find people to represent their region who could go on to win £10,000 as the overall prize.

    If you know anyone that this might be of interest to please feel free to send my details on or alternatively they can apply directly to bestdish@itv.com or call on 0871 62 66 222.

    With kind regards,

    Christina Chung


  2. Shovan said

    Hay very interesting blog.. Reading your reviews on restaurants in the midlands. I am trying to cover web design and menu design for restaurant based in midlands.


  3. Dave said

    Hi. I’m not a computer novice but I don’t see that there is a way of recieving your latest posting direct to email inbox. Not normally a problem but would probably have gone to Smeeton Westerby cookery school open day if I was aware of it in advance. Not your fault as I should probably have checked your blog after the E. Mids show. Somewhat ironically I drove up to the School of Artisan Food on that day and signed up for a pork butchery course.
    Still enjoying the blog. Was also wondering if you are aware of the number of visitors to your blog. Just curious. Keep up the good work. Dave


    • riponia said

      Hi – If you scroll to the very bottom of the home page you should find a tag cloud and a few links to selected restuarants and suppliers, and just below thhose there should be an option for an email subscription – I know I’ve got about seven people who have done this. If you don’t see it let me know and I’ll look into it further. Glad you’re liking the blog – you are one of a small but loyal band. I average about 20 visits a day. I’m just coming up to a year of running it and the grand total is approaching 6,000.



  4. Dave said

    Hi. Still enjoying the blog. I do think it captures the local food/restaurant scene very well. Any news on the Gelateria on London Road or the Italian on Market Street? Keep up the good work-Dave


    • riponia said

      Aw thanks. I did find out that Lupa di Roma on Market Street is an initiative of Casa Romana, the rather hidden, long-established place on Albion Street. They tried to do a cheap and cheerful version on Market Corner, but like everyone else gave up rather quickly. Went past it today and no indication of opening day yet.


  5. Leah Spicer said

    So pleased to have come across this fantastic food blog. I will definitely have to spend some time trawling through it and check out some of your recommendations!


  6. […] thrilled to be included, also there was Tim for his blog and Matt for the fab Great Food magazine, celebratory beers were called […]


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