An intriguing new venue opens in Leicester this weekend. Haycock  and Tailbar Associates open a “cocktail and supper room” on Belvoir Street. It has low-key branding with just a logo on a big black door, so no windows or other signage. It’s actually the building that was Young’s Camera shop on the corner of Albion St and Belvoir St.

Inside the black door is a dark room with bar, rocking that speakeasy vibe with sharply focused lights on booths.  Not the place to show off your new frock. Apparently inspiration comes from supper rooms in 1950s Berlin. I thought that was mainly a bombsite but maybe not.

The owners have been running a venue in Northampton, and like that the Leicester restaurant has a focus on novel steaks which you cook at table on hot bricks.  At a pre-launch event last night we were given reindeer, French mouflon sheep, rose veal and beef fillet.  I enjoyed them all hugely, though I’m not yet convinced that cooking them yourselves is the best way to enjoy it. I think on a regular night, new diners will be talked the process a bit more so…

Haycock and Tailbar

Also available on occasions, or when prebooked,  are the likes of Waygu beef, Alpaca, Zebra, Kangaroo, Crocodile and Ostrich.  “We don’t see exotics as a gimmick,” states the menu. “They are highly nutritious offer a very wide  range of flavours and textures and …are sourced from the wild or only farmed on a small scale.”

Starters also include exotics, though nice as it was I’m not sure Camel con Carne was a huge improvement on more mainstream meat. As the self-proclaimed gourmand at the table I was somewhat bullied into having the mealworm croquettes – perfectly pleasant as long as you didn’t actually look at them.

Oh and while I’m not a huge expert, the cocktails seemed great. Prosecco, Courvoisier and crème du mure is definitely something on the list for next Christmas.

It opens on Friday and you can see more here: Haycock and Tailbar

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