Bombay Bites

November 26, 2010

There comes a time in life, not least in the bitter cold we’re experiencing now, when the very best option available seems to be to shovel hot, spicy curry down your gob. In such times a visit to Bombay Bites is highly recommended.

I  occasionally visit their Leicester city centre branch, a little takeaway hutch on Belvoir Street which invariably has queues at luchtime, and always go away feeling revived with one of their good value wraps or curryboxes. I was pleased when Tony Naylor at The Guardian took my recommendation and included them in his recent guide to cheap eats in Leicester.

Now they’ve opened an evening outlet in the more suburban setting of Evington Road (just down from the Co-op), complete with seating this time, but it maintains all the successful elements of the original. It’s all based on cheap, simple, spicy food, served up quickly for a clientele that is used to grazing and eating on the move. There’s a limited menu – none of this endless list of dishes all made from the same mother sauce – and the core offer is a small or large box where you can combine your choice of two curries with rice, naan or – if you must – chips.   This is not sophistication, it’s  not the best or most authentic of anything, but it is very satisfying, extremely tasty streetfood. On my recent visit to Evington Road I had a huge carton of  tangy chicken shashlick, surprisingly spicy pieces of tender tandoori chicken, naan bread cut up into sensible size pieces and all topped off with a moreish sweet chutney and a pile of fried onions oozing umami. At £4.50 a real bargain.  Service from the young team is relentlessly cheerful and helpful – if they can replicate that then I’m sure the concept can be rolled out more widely.


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