A couple of months back the Bistrot Pierre chain introduced an interesting little promotion whereby they would post a recipe of the month and encourage people to cook it, take a photo and email/tweet it back. Then they select  one entry to win a free meal for up to  four people.

 There’s nothing too taxing and I’ve finally got round to giving it a go, cooking the June dish of toulouse sauages with poached egg and warm tomato dressing.  It’s very straightforward and obviously depends a lot  on the quality of your ingredients but it made a very pleasant light supper indeed. Here’s how mine turned out:

toulouse sausage

A little detail then.  The toulouse sausages are from Archer’s on Queen’s Road, expensive but very lovely indeed. They are cooked in the oven for 15 minutes, then chilled in the fridge, sliced on an appealing diagonal and put in a hot pan for 2 minutes to colour before serving. The poached egg is a duck egg – they are that bit bigger and richer than chickens and not much more expensive. Maybe it’s psychological but they always feel more of a treat.

My favoured way to poach is to tear of a sizable piece of cling film and put it loosely over a mug or glass to create a pocket. Add a little dash of oil, seasoning and maybe a preferred flavouring – a dash of balsamic  or some finely chopped herbs.  Then add the egg and carefully bring the sides of the film up together and tie little knot to create a sealed bag. This can then go straight into a saucepan of boiling water for about 3mins (or a bit longer for a large duck egg).  It’s straightforward to then pull it out and cut the bag open – it peels off very easily.      

The warm tomato dressing was something of a treat. Peeled and diced tomatoes, mixed with lemon juice, olive oil, finely sliced, garlic,  parsley, rosemary, salt and pepper. I added the lemon zest to beef it up. Then it’s just lightly warmed through – I found this  kept all the flavours strong and distinct. It was lovely – I’ll definitely try this again. 

Oh and  I’ve sent it in to Bistrot Pierre.  Wish me luck  – if I win I’ll report back.

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