Orange Tree Farmers Market

September 30, 2012

Orange TreeAs mentioned a few days back, there was a mini-farmers’ market in Leicester’s splendid Orange Tree Bar yesterday to mark Leicestershire Food Fortnight. There were olives from Gusto, craft bread from Brucciani’s, great steaks and sausages from March House Farm in Great Dalby and Scrambler and Rambler cider from Hallaton’s Bottle Kicking Cider Company.

Orange TreeIt seemed a really good idea for a Saturday lunch time, not too intrusive for diners and drinkers but good exposure for the businesses. Well done to the bar for setting this up.

In other news, good to see St Martin’s Tea and Coffee moving to larger premises. It will be moving across the square in October and sharing premises with its parent business the Original Cookware Company in that large, “difficult” corner unit that once held Stone’s deli. Apparantly demand for its coffee is such that they are buying a new larger 10kg roaster. I’ll probably still be buying most of my beans from the wonderful Hasbean, but it’s great that you can buy a coffee to drink made with your choice of beans and your choice of brewing process – I had a lovely cafetiere of Sumatran Blue Lingtong yesterday.

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