Cod, cream and cider

March 1, 2012

Enjoyed a fabulous piece of cod from Brady’s fishmongers last night.   The thick end of a piece of fillet it was perfect for pan frying.  I adapted a Jason Atherton recipe and served it with winter cabbage and a cider and cream sauce.  I softened a little shallot with  a few dices of smoked streaky, added a good splosh of cider and reduced by half, a little fish stock and reduced again and then a  little cream. I blanched the cabbage and finished it for another couple of minutes in the cream sauce. The cod took maybe 3 minutes each side in a hot pan. givng it the lightest of crusts,  and I filled it out with a garlicky dauphinoise. Definitely one to repeat this, but absolutely crucial was the quality of the fish. Beautifully fresh,  it had a delicate flavour and flaked most gratifyingly.

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