Mrs Bridges

November 26, 2014

I’m trying with my Leicester Mercury reviews to get around to a range of places in and out of the city and to cover a range of venues. I’ve written about Mrs Bridges tearooms before on this blog but I suspect it may not be fully appreciated elsewhere, hence: Mercury review – Mrs Bridges


Gelato in St Martin’s

September 10, 2014

Good to see some food activity around St Martin’s Square in Leicester. Newly opened in what was once a hip clothes store is Gelato Village, an independent business offering “artisan gelato” – two words some will find tiresomely modish.  But as far as I can tell, Gelato Village seems the real deal in term of offering genuine gelato (basically a slightly lower-fat, softer textured Italian-style ice-cream), that is hand made on the premises (you can see in the kitchen) and uses fruit from Leicester Market for its sorbets.  There’s no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives and a refreshing absence of gimmicky flavours.


You can try up to three flavours in any one of three sizes.  I found the tiramisu maybe a little bland, but the Bonet – named after the famous Piedmontese desert with chocolate, amaretti biscuits, caramel and rum – and the sour cherry ripple were superb. It’s a proper treat, no mistake, and I hope they find people will eat good quality gelato all year round.

I note also that a new fine food deli is set to open in the square – don’t know anything more about it and it looks a few weeks off yet.

All this comes on top of St Martin’s Tea and Coffee seeming to be doing well after it’s transition from cookshop and to fully-fledged café and coffee roaster. It’s got a good vibe going there and I had a great doorstop sandwich last week with soft, pillowy bread and a feisty fennel salami filling. In addition Mrs Bridges continues to offer probably the best café food in the whole city – my brunch the other day of duck leg confit hash on sourdough toast was simply gorgeous.




Mrs Bridges

January 6, 2013

Leicester-based readers will probably have worked out for themselves that Mrs Bridges Tearooms on Loseby Lane is a cut above your average cafe.  But nonetheless it’s worth reminding people that it really is rather good.

Forget about the cutesy name – this is a food-led place, staffed with proper chefs who have a real interest in flavour and quality.  It’s not exactly the most comfortable place, small tables in a cramped environment, but it should definitely be high on your list of places for a lunch, brunch,  takeaway sandwich or just a cup of tea.  I had a very good pot of Assam today, with a sandwich of hot pork, layered with salty feta cheese, fresh spinach and beetroot ketchup. Inspired matchings these and served on really excellent crusty sourdough bread.

Sandwiches are highly recommended then, but look out too for their set lunch dishes which change monthly and might include genuine iberico ham with a crispy poached egg (lightly deep fried with a polenta crust), pork red wine and fennel ragu and a vegan-friendly almond milk ice-cream with crumbled brownie and home-made peanut butter.



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