Well Cool sushi

November 27, 2012

When I’m not leading the exciting life of Leicestershire’s sixth best food blogger, one of the things I do is sit on the management board of Soft Touch, Leicestershire’s very best participatory arts body.

Last night we had our AGM – and before we settled down to look at balance sheets, draft policies and so on we were treated to a lesson in sushi making by young people from the Well Cool group in New Parks.

For those not from Leicester, this is not exactly an area famed for its sushi bars, farmers’ markets and cafe society. But these young people, a mixed group and including one not actually welcome at school right now, responded really positively to this Soft Touch project designed to encourage them to look at health and nutrition in their food.

Over the last year the Well Cool group started with easy wins like fruit smoothies (made with a pedal-powered blender) and have gone on to develop tasty and fresh recipes which they’ve prepared at a number of community events. They’ve also produced colourful recipe cards for dishes such as Primary Mess – a low-fat yoghurt version of Eton Mess developed for New Parks Primary, and vegetable pasta with a low-fat cream cheese and herb sauce.

For our meeting they had had an earlier masterclass in sushi making from one of the chefs at Zucchero on Charles Street,  which they then ran with us on the Board.  It was really great to see these young people’s enthusiasm as they had their horizons widened though taste sensations such as wasabi and caviar (well I think it might have been lumpfish roe or similar but it’s a start).

Well Cool sushi class

And here’s the proof – a round of applause for my humble efforts.  Big thanks to the  Well Cool guys for their contribution to our meeting and congratulations for their efforts in spreading the word in their communities that it is possible to prepare tasty and nutritious food on a budget.

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