Poles arrive in the Market

September 20, 2012

There seems to be something of a rule about migrant groups that their cultural presence – and for our purposes that means food shops – first appear local to where their community settles, then start to appear in the city centre, and finally you know you’ve arrived when you can get past the various barriers and set up outlets in the traditional main markets.

So it seemed significant today to discover a Polish meat stall has taken over one of the indoor stalls of Leicester’s meat and fish market. There has been what I suppose you ‘d call a traditional Polish deli on the edge of the market before but this venture seemed different, with a wonderful varied variety of meat and cheese clearly aimed at the new generation of Polish residents. One of the great things about discovering a new food culture is the evocative names – and here you can pick up the likes of juniper sausage, miner’s smoked bacon, Krakow steamed sausage and, my favourite I think, Idyllic sausage.

I bought  a couple of cured, smoked veal sausages (right) – absolutely gorgeous meaty things that tasted like like November 5th, and some lovely versatile cured pork loin. Good value too  – have a look when you are next near the market.

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