Just what we needed?

May 10, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about a big gap being filled with the arrival of a specialist tea and coffee merchant.  Now comes news of the other yawning chasm in Leicester’s culinary scene. Until now we’ve never had a decent Indian/Arabic/Italian fusion restaurant, but Endimaj is about to put that right.

I can’t tell you much more  – the website is still under construction and it’s not actually open just yet – but it is based in the premises of the late, lamented Watson’s in Upper Brown Street, opposite the late, even-more lamented by some, Phoenix Arts.  There’s a little internal square within the old building and that I understand will become a shisha area.  It’s great someone’s using that space again  – unfortunate that it sounds like a gimmick.  But let’s approach it with an open mind  eh?



March 17, 2010

Welcome news that things may be starting to move regarding the Watson’s site next to the former Phonenix cinema in central Leicester.

I reviewed the place last year not long after new owner Carmello Percolla took over and Bradley Bickerton was appointed head chef – and it was lovely (and not just because I know Bradley’s mum). I don’t know the full story but it seemed Nick Aiello was taking over behind the stove, who is known to East Midland fine diners from World Service. There were noises that  the place, which already held two AA rosettes, was aiming for the [Michelin] stars. But things went wrong quickly and sudden closure followed last August.

Now it seems the lease has been returned to the Landlord and a new tenant, with fine dining credentials is being sought. Apparantly there have already been two expersssions of interest.  I’ll be watching this space.

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